Ipod Wedding pa Rentals


ipod wedding pa rentals (in vermont)

the ipod wedding • sound and speaker rentals

This is becoming more popular as families find themselves working within a strict budget.  Also savvy music lovers can easily put together a playlist and put it on an ipod for the cocktail hour, ceremony and/or reception.  Prices are less than the DJ rate, and we are willing to work with you on a budget.  Pro setup is available, as are smaller systems.

Rentals –

Looking for a live DJ??

Pro DJ Setup, including two powered speakers, powered sub and mixer, all the cables and a mic for announcements.  750$

Mid sized rental – Two speakers, cables, mixer, mic.  500$

Small rental – a PA (public address) integrated amp and mixer.  We use the Soundcraft 600, 300 watts with Mackie speakers and stands.  300$

Smallest system –  a Kustom 80 watt mixer with small Kustom or Peavey speakers.  This is great for small gatherings, parties, background music.  150$

Bands can also rent equipment and book us to engineer your nite, just call for details.

Of course these do not include setup/transport fee.  Damage deposits covering the replacement costs are also required.  Call for details!

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